Learning How to Paint in Oils by Elaine Ostroot

Lots of things have happened that changed our comfortable lifestyle in the Ozarks to a more dynamic big city style.  We’re not sure we like it yet, it takes some getting used to before it be comes our new normal.

Moving from our home of seventeen years in a laid-back retirement community has induced culture shock. We moved from a community of other artists and friends into a bedroom community where most people are gone most of the day.  We feel a bit isolated as the freeway commuter system is intimidating, so we don’t do much “going”.  We seem to have more of a “horse and buggy” mentality in a modern high-speed area.  I have not yet been able to connect with other artists, but I will do so as soon as I can. Now Gerry has to walk Kato twice a day and carry a plastic bag to pick up the ubiquitous droppings from our neighbor’s front lawn.

We are remodeling my son and daughter’s home to accommodate us (and Kato).  The studio/study is in the last stages of completion.  I hope to be back at my easel next week.  After two months of enforced idleness it will be so good to get back to work.  I plan to start with a small series of still life paintings.  After that we will get into “edges”. Look for a new posting in November.


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